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Take great photos; the Crowd determines quality via comments, likes and shares. News agencies and third parties buy licences for fantastic shots within seconds. Event promoters can offer information, schedules, discounts and offers to the audience. Everyone wins when they get Closr.

Closr creates a massive global public photo album in the "Cloud" accessible for free to Closr users and for a fee to news agencies or event promoters.

Photographs will be licenced for single use in one website for €4 per 100,000 views. Associated information such as the photographers name, image, location, caption and date will also be included. This information will be available within seconds, saving news agencies hours of time spent verifying the image.


Privacy is a major concern and we found the best way to deal with it is to have very little. Yes you read that right! Anything that is put on Closr can be seen by anyone else on Closr. The only personal info we show (or keep for that matter) is your avatar and name, these are the only things people can usually identify in a crowd. Closr is not a replacement for a traditional social network, which we encourage you to keep private.


Closr has created a brand new paradigm called a 'Crowd Network'. Everyone in the crowd is connected. Sure you may be with one or two of your friends, but there could be thousands of others sharing the same experience. Closr connects everyone to the crowd. But you can also see photos from other crowds, all over the world.


Closr has a vision where everyone helps each other. We all contribute to a massive photo album because our photo could be of use to someone else and someone elses photo could be of use to us. Lets work together and use the Crowd Network to 'Crowd source' our experiences. And unlike other social networks... ours will reward you.

Download and Get Closr

Closr mobile Android and iPhone apps are currently in beta. We are looking for fun loving users who love attending and taking photos at exciting events if thats you get in touch or download the apps.

Our photo stream and purchasing apps are currently in alpha mode. Register now for beta trials and get discounted rates when the service goes live in 2015. Click on the "Buy Photos" button to register.

Closr will offer this service for free to college based news services, clubs and societies who sign up because we know how difficult it is to run such an organisation and how important it is to get good content from your student population. Or better yet, running a college event? Sign up!

Download Closr on iPhone or Android or request access to our beta photo purchasing.

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